Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Support for Tilt

Please support our friends from Tilt. They are incredibly close to reaching their goal. If you ever downloaded Self Helpless for free then show some love by kicking a dollar or two towards some great people who are working their asses off to make their first feature film.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Peek Behind The Genius

Yes, this is an actual pre-production note. I found it today amongst a stack of shot lists, script drafts, and storyboards drawn on post it notes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Success!! I want to thank everyone who has helped with the bittorrent/widget release of Self Helpless. Thanks to your support our little movie has been viewed and downloaded OVER 60,000 TIMES IN ONLY ONE MONTH!!!! We have been receiving emails from people around the world who have become fans of the movie. Check out this awesome message from a fan in the UK:

"As for my support, thanks for making something worth supporting. I totally love finding free services/media/etc. out there, and i probably spend more of my money on them than the pricey mainstream stuff (and proudly so). Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of bullshit out there, but you guys made an incredibly well thought up, funny movie, and put it together perfectly. Especially wanted to credit the production quality for an indie film. Top stuff. "


Our hope with Self Helpless was to get the movie seen by as many people as possible, and you have made this a reality. Thank you.

We need your help to continue to move Self Helpless forward. If you have streamed or downloaded Self Helpless, please consider picking up a DVD, t-shirt, mug, or ashtray from our store. If you are short on cash we have a digital download of the ad-free director's cut available for under $10. All of our merchandise was designed in house, and made in the USA. To thank our fans for their support, we have created a thank you page where you can pick up a discounted DVD or digital download. Anything you can afford makes a huge difference.

Instead of paying off our mountainous credit card bills, we are going to reinvest any money we make from merchandise sales into advertising the film. This is our best chance to bring Self Helples to a wider audience. Fuck the credit card companies anyway.

Thank you all for your support. You are the reason we are still fighting to find the Don Rodrigo!!

Discounted merchandise here:

self helpless

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Self Helpless on East Village Radio

The East Coast tour continues. Cassidy will be making an appearance on the Baller's Eve show on East Village Radio this evening. Baller's Eve has been representing Southern hip hop in NYC for the last 7 years. They have become a staple of NYC hip hop radio. Be sure to check the show out online for FREE.

More news from the Devin The Dude tour to come soon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Self Helpless and Devin The Dude: NYC and Boston Shindigs

We are hitting the road with Devin The Dude for two of his East Coast tour stops. We are throwing Self Helpless after parties for Devin's NYC and Boston shows. DJ John Candy will be on the turntables, and we will be projecting your favorite scenes from Self Helpless. Great music, a great movie, and Devin The Dude. Should be a blast.

Devin puts on a GREAT show, and he will have his entire Coughee Brothaz crew with him. A ticket to the show gets you into the after party for FREE and gets you $5 off a Self Helpless DVD.

Come out and party with us. Indie music and indie film unite like Voltron.

Thursday, 5/20, The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn

Friday, 5/21, The Paradise, Comm Ave, Boston

Monday, May 3, 2010

Download Self Helpless For FREE - the widget campaign begins

After 2 years of busting our asses and sequestered like hermits, I am proud to announce the official release of Self Helpless. BLAOW!!!!

I am also happy to announce that we are giving Self Helpless to you for FREE. All we ask is that you take a hit, and then pass it on. Isn't that how we all find out about the best stuff anyway? Just click on the joint below and you'll be able to get the movie without paying a dime. Our only request is that you share the movie with your friends.

self helpless

Bittorrent / Widget Campaign - what the fuck?

That thingy with the joint and the video is a widget. Widgets are basically little posters that you can put on your Facebook wall or post in your blog, except they can do cool stuff like play videos or give you a free movie. They are kind of like a joint: Little, easy to share and pass around, and the best ones ones have some good shit in them.

We are basing our distribution around a bittorrent release (see here) combined with a widget campaign. If you aren't familiar with widget posting (I know, it sounds severiously nerdy), don't worry. It couldn't be easier. Just follow the instructions and you will have the option to share the widget on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, or anything else that you use to communicate with people. Hopefully your friends will see the widget on your page, they will check out Self Helpless, and the cycle will continue.

We created a discount program to thank people for passing Self Helpless on. Anyone who posts our widget can pick up the Extended Director's Cut DVD for only $12, or the Director's Cut Digital Download for only $4.20. All you have to do is email a link to where you posted our widget to We will send you a link to the page where you can get your discounts.

Why give our movie away for free?

Take a look at your DVD collection. How many of those movies did you buy because you saw the movie and you liked it? Why would anyone buy something that they haven't had a chance to check out first? Big studios spend a lot of money trying to convince people to buy their movies. Our revolutionary idea is: make a really good, original movie, and then let people decide if they like it. We aren't exactly shaking the pillars of capitalism here, but it works for us.

Open a bottle of cheap tequila, roll a couple doobies, invite a few friends over, and enjoy some independent comedy on us.


Widget Notes:

Blogger - If you just want to blast the widget off in one article, then copy the html code and drop it in to the html tab of one of your posts. If you want to install our widget as a feature in your sidebar, then just click the B tab.

Twitter - The twitter option is weakter. You might as well just tweet a link to

Wordpress - Wordpress doesn't get down with our widget service at the moment. Bummer. If you want to post about Self Helpless you can post the image below. It will link to this page where people can get the movie for free:

self helpless

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Self Helpless on VEEHD.COM

I want to send a big shout out to the folks at VEEHD.COM. They posted Self Helpless front and center on their site. VEEHD is tight. They have over 100,000 dedicated members. They are very professional, and they love to support good independent producers. I am surprised that there isn't more talk about sites like VEEHD and NinjaVideo in the indie film circles. Streaming sites like these have dedicated audiences of folks who really like movies. We have gotten a ton of emails from people who saw Self Helpless on VEEHD and loved it. Check out some of the cool stuff they have on their site, and feel free to pass it on.

Thanks VEEHD!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adios 4/20 Release

So, we sort of semi-pseudo leaked that we might be releasing the movie on 4/20. As much as we wanted to have something fresh to pass around on the day of passing freshness around, our supplier ran dry. Fear not! We are working hard to get some good, potent product together. We will roll something up and pass it your way very soon. And as always, the first hit will be free.

Until then, you can check out Self Helpless on Ninjavideo and Mininova. Both sites kick ass, and have shown us a ton of support.

More soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ninja Video Is The SHIIIIT

If you haven't already gotten down with NinjaVideo, you better get on your shit because it's one of the dopest video sites on the interweb. They have a wide selection of the highest quality streamed tv and movies, sweet daily line-ups, a huge-ass forum, and extra secret awesome benefits for contributing members. NinjaVideo is a fucking Mecca.

Ninja's been on our list of must-visit sites for a while now, so we sent Self Helpless their way to tell them about our free distribution movement. When we woke up this morning we saw that they had posted our flick on the main site. Fuck yeah! NV is all about supporting quality shit, and we are pumped to be featured front and center. Check out their site, you are pretty much guaranteed to find something that you didn't know was out there.

Much thanks for the support!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Self Helpless is Available On Bittorrent [updated links]

Mininova: the ultimate BitTorrent source

[Administrators - if you would be willing to feature the Self Helpless torrent or set it up for free leach, we would be very grateful. Hit us with an email at and we will happily promote your site. Thank you.]

Self Helpless is officially available on bittorrent. First things first, here is where you can find the torrent:

(the seed on mininova is the strongest right now)

You can get the torrent-version directly from If you download it, please seed:

We are doing our best to keep the torrent seeded. Please feel free to upload it to your favorite tracker or private site. Seed, comment, and pass it on. Enjoy!

We want as many people as possible to download the movie. Get it, smoke a joint, do a couple shots of tequila, and watch it with your friends. If you laugh, please tell someone else about it, blast it off on facebook, and join our email list. Our official store will be online in the next day or two. We will update the blog once it is up.

We are not asking for donations. There are much more important causes that you should donate to. We have worked hard our whole lives and we just don't feel right about begging for money. If you don't have enough cash to buy something from our store, we understand. We are right there with you. Just tell a friend about Self Helpless and sign up for our email list so you can come see us when we bring live comedy to your town.

To all the evil pirates out there we would like to say, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to download and watch our film. We hope it made you laugh. Thank you for giving up some space in your ratio, and for seeding the film for everyone else.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Official Bit Torrent Release: Friday 4/16

We are proud to announce that Self Helpless will be released for free on bittorrent on Friday, April 16th 2010. The film will be available as a free and legal download exclusively on bittorrent for 4 days. After this 4 day bittorrent-only release we will not make any effort to remove the film. It is yours, enjoy. We had planned to release Self Helpless for a 7 day bittorrent-only run, but we ran into some technical issues over the last few days. The DVD release will begin on 4/20.

The name of the torrent file is Self Helpless_(2010)_xvid_avi.avi - it should be available on a number of public trackers. Please feel free to upload Self Helpless to any trackers or private sites. We will also be uploading an MOV version, as well as several larger full HD versions for the real cinephiles.

We want as many people as possible to download Self Helpless. We will update the blog and twitter with a list of sites that have the torrent.

If you are new to the whole Self Helpless bittorrent movement, here are two blog posts that will bring you up to speed.

This is the future of content distribution. Downloaders are not opposed to artists profiting from their craft, they just want a chance to check stuff out before buying. You get to test drive a car. You try on clothes before you buy them. You can even mess with your iPod for 30 days and then bring it back to Best Buy. Why, then, does hollywood insist that people spend their hard earned money before ever getting a chance to see if they like a movie? We see downloading as capitalism at its best.

Our model is simple. We have made a great, unique, hilarious film. Self Helpless appeals directly to people in our age group who enjoy clever, low brow, character driven comedies. So we want people to see the damned movie. If they decide that they like Self Helpless, then they can buy an extended Director's Cut DVD or a dope-ass original t-shirt. This works for us because our movie is solid. This scares Hollywood because studios make big money by scamming people into paying to see the same formulaic, cliche movies. No one is going to buy a t-shirt for "Wanted" because it was a piece of dog-shit.

If you make quality content that people can identify with and get behind, then they will support it. Bittorrent is the greatest thing to happen to filmmakers, and they are missing the boat.

We are not accepting donations. We are healthy, intelligent young men, and there are far better causes to which you could donate. If you do want to support the film we have a bunch of original movie merchandise for sale at all different price levels. If you are as short on cash as we are, then just join our email list. That way you will be able to come see us when we bring our particular brand of screening / live comedy / giant tequila-soaked party to your town.

Big studios are spending millions trying to combat, sue, and lock up downloaders. They should be spending that money making innovative movies. Fuck that. We ride with the downloaders. You are our people. We made Self Helpless for you.

We Want You To Be Cool

I know we usually reserve this blog for posts about Self Helpless, but I wanted to drop a little cool on errbody for a second. While we were at SXSW we took time off from throwing Self Helpless condoms at people to put together the EOW Entertainment x Living Proof Magazine project. We interviewed 9 of the freshest musicians, filmmakers, animators, and DJs at the festival. You may already be familiar with one or two of these folks, but I guarantee you will discover some new dopeness. All of these people are on the come up and are making the art that we will be looking at and listening to in the future.

If you want to stay up on shit in the future - Living Proof Magazine comes highly recommended. You can find the small-format print version wherever you go to blow your tax return on fly gear. That thing is ghosty, it'll just be on the shelf at Supreme next to some super-double-extra-exclusive kicks, or there might be a copy next to the mixer at Fat Beats. You never know. But you can always catch up on the heat at The digital version of the mag is available for download, and the blog is updated on the reg with mint photography, painting, graffiti, graphic design, mixtapes, all that good stuff.

Here are the links to the articles in no particular order:

1) Bad Rabbits - My favorite new band.

2) Harry Chaskin - Animator, and true-school stop motion aficionado.

3) Homeboy Sandman - One of the most talented MCs coming out of NYC.

4) Sol Friedman - His animated short, Junko's Shamisan is just badass.

5) Jon Reiss - O.G. filmmaker is still on the cutting edge. One of our mentors.

6) Travis Senger - I just can't love White Lines and The Fever: The Death of DJ Junebug any more.

7) Peter Ahern - Peter's short was like Calvin and Hobbes meets Ren and Stimpy. Sweet.

8) Johanne St-Marie - Just watch the fucking video and you will realize why she rules.

9) DJ Neil Armstrong - Mixtape legend, Jay-Z's tour DJ, and my favorite DJ of all time.

You are now cooler than all of your friends. You're welcome.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Christy Dena Will Help You Be More Successful

I consider myself to be a pretty cutting edge dude. I pay attention to the interwebs and the FaceTubes and such. I know the buzzwords. Everybody is always talking about "transmedia". I read a few blogs about transmedia and I got sick of people telling me I needed to make an iPhone app for my movie. That kind of talk doesn't really hold water for me. I live on my dad's couch. I will be lucky if I can sell enough weed to afford to create our DVDs. There is no room for transmedia strategizing in my meager budget, or my massive to-do list. Or so I thought. After we were lucky enough to participate the in the Slamdance Filmmaker Summit, we got in contact with Christy Dena. Procuring Christy's services was one of the most positive moves we have made with Self Helpless.

I was expecting that Christy would skim through a few minutes of Self Helpless, and hit us with a few emails suggesting that we invest in an app designer and a better Facebook page and that would be the end of it. I was wrong.

Between flights around the world to deal with her major clients who pay her way more than I could afford, Christy found time to screen Self Helpless. In fact, she watched it twice. I find it difficult to verbalize how shocking this is. We have to fight tooth and nail to get people to watch our movie once, and most of those folks have nothing better to do. Not only did Christy give Self Helpless a thorough going through, she got it. She knew all the characters' names, their motivations, and their personalities. She read every blog post, comment, and tweet that we have spewed forth upon the web over the last year. She did her goddamned homework. And then she sent us her consultation: a 14 page PDF with a fully developed report on our film's transmedia possibilities, including a giant "brain map" flow chart diagram thingy outlining all of her different ideas and how they could relate to our release timeline.

Blown away would be an understatement. Christy treated our little indie film as if we were a major corporation. Here's why Christy's transmedia ideas were invaluable to us:

1 - We never would have come up with them. Again, we are pretty far from being stuck in any old school models. I would say we are forward thinking. Christy is better. She is really on some next level shit.

2 - Her ideas felt like they came from us. They were rude, a little shocking, and very funny. They reflected a thorough understanding of our film, our style, and the brand that we are building.

3 - The total cost of implementing Christy's ideas = $0.00. She designed her entire consultation with the understanding that our crew is quite capable with regards to media creation, and fairly destitute in the realm of budget. Her ideas make use of our best strengths, and account for our greatest weaknesses.

My only regret is that we did not get in touch with Christy as soon as we finished the script. Now that I have seen what Christy is capable of, I have realized how much more we could have done with Self Helples if we had gotten her involved sooner. If you are looking into making or releasing a film, company, or any other project that involves connecting with an audience or customer base, do yourself a favor and contact Christy.

You can get in touch with Christy Dena at her site:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Where We At

I smell hideous. I smell like couch sleeping and coffee-farts. Gross. I haven't seen a female ( aside) all week. I am currently chained to the computer, editing video to the point of mania. Our backlog of projects has gotten nearly unmanageable. Here is what we are slogging through right now:

Self Helpless release - I know it has been a while since you all came out and saw Self Helpless at your local (porn) theater. Well we are finally ready to release the film on bittorrent and DVD. It took us about 3 months to get the final cut of the movie finished, and get the DVD mastered. We have put some cool extras into the DVD including some exclusive Devin the Dude concert footage and the requisite deleted scenes. The bittorrent version of Self Helpless will be coming out one week before the DVD. This extra version of the film will take a couple of days to put together, but hopefully a lot of people will see it. If things work out we just might be throwing a little shindig to celebrate the DVD release. Keep an eye on the ole Twitter and Facebook over the next few weeks.

Devin the Dude's "What I Be On" Video - Yeah, we have jumped hard into the music video game. We were out in Houston for 5 days at the beginning of February shooting a lovely video for Devin's new album (dropping on 4/20). We are in the process of editing this masterpiece, and it should be released in the next few weeks.

Soul Khan's "SMD" Video - We shot this classic boom bap style video, along with a doc short about Fat Beats NYC, in January. The video should be done by the end of this month. The whole Brown Bag All Stars crew came out and represented for the video. Soul Khan put in 12 straight hours of work despite a 102 degree fever. Nuff said.

Professor David Veslocki - On the same NYC trip we shot a video for guitar virtuoso David Veslocki. It is definitely a departure from our usual fair (guns, cocaine, milk-farts and titties), but it was time to expand our horizons. Veslocki plays guitar like The Drake smokes weed, very fucking well. He blessed our score with a few lovely compositions so it was cool to return the flavor.

The Pilot - We are shopping a super double extra secret pilot (read: emailing the 3 people we know in Hollywood 5 or 6 times a day, which accomplishes very little since they all work in bars). If we run out of beer before the pilot sells then we will probably just shoot it ourselves out of boredom.

To everyone that has carried the Self Helpless flag o' this many months, we thank you. We won't let you down. You will actually be able to buy, download, and watch the movie very soon. And we will have more cool stuff to follow shortly thereafter. Thanks for all the support, you are all on the guest list.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You, literally, sound like a moron.

I know we usually stick to DIY film distribution ranting and tales of questionable girls we have hooked with at Self Helpless screenings, but I felt the need to address an important issue in today's society for a moment: the rampant incorrect use of the word "literally".

In the hands of millions of strong sixes wearing Ugg boots and black American Apparel yoga pants and dudes with pet names for their abs, this once venerably direct adverb has become nothing more than a contorted synonym for "very".

Some standard misuses of "literally":

- "Oh my god, I literally killed my boyfriend last night." No, you buffoon, you would be in jail if you had literally killed your boyfriend. I believe you meant to say the opposite, that you had figuratively killed your boyfriend, probably by emptying his wallet and sucking off some college hockey player you met in a Chilli's parking lot.

- "It was, literally, like, 4:30 when I called her." There is no way for it to be figuratively 4:30. This is a time, not a fucking metaphor. You do not use literally here because the statement is literal as is. This is redundant and ignorant.

Literally is used, in it's most dynamic form, when it is clarifying the literal implications of a statement which might otherwise easily be mistaken for a metaphorical reference. An example of this type of correct use:

- "He passed to me with three seconds left on the clock and I, literally, dropped the ball. I was so angry." Get it? "Drop the ball" is an oft used metaphor for failing to take care of business in the clutch. In this case the subject did this in both the literal and figurative senses.

Next time you hear some empty headed goon or functionally retarded Britney-clone spewing something like "Oh my god, I literally love cucumbers," be sure to ask them to detail exactly how they consummate this love.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sensation of Sight and The Power of Local

At our (one and only) festival appearance, we were lucky enough to score some face time with a pretty cool indie distributor. When I mentioned the hometown success we had been having with Self Helpless (sold out theaters, print articles, and a TV appearance) he pretty much laughed in my face. "Success anywhere outside of LA or NY is meaningless, and probably detrimental," was his basic message. While that may be true for films that are shopping to distributors for a theatrical release (old school), it is certainly not the case for those of us who are releasing our own films (true school). I was happy to discover a very concrete example of local success leading to major recognition for a film called The Sensation of Sight.

The Sensation of Sight is a truly independent film that was shot next door to us in New Hampshire. You can check out their excellent website here. The film's executive producer, Buzz McLaughlin, has been writing an illuminating series of blog posts about the film's distribution adventures. His most recent post detailed how his team was able to translate successful theatrical runs in indie theaters in New Hampshire to national recognition and an eventual distribution deal.

I won't recycle the entire blog post, but one piece of information was particularly interesting. After The Sensation of Sight sold out their opening weekend in New Hampshire, the theater reported their sales for that weekend to a number of national media services. Because of this, Variety listed the film at #4 in national per-screening box office gross for that weekend. This put The Sensation of Sight in front of a lot of people's eyes. I was completely unaware of this sales reporting system. Had we understood this aspect of the game, we might have been able to leverage this national reporting system to generate some press when Self Helpless sold out the Brattle theater in Boston, and the Roxy in Burlington, VT.

Check out The Sensation of Sight, and never underestimate the power of local, even if you live in a place where cows outnumber people!

Friday, January 8, 2010

How to exxxttteeeeeeend our film's life?

Jon Reiss recently addressed an interesting topic on his blog. Jon's post was a response to an article by Brian Newman which you can see here. Basically, they are talking about rethinking the "life" of a film. Generally films put a ton of time, money, and energy into pre-release PR. The goal is to build as much buzz as possible so as to maximize the exposure of their release. After the release, that's it. The movie is out there and people buy it, watch it, download it, whatever. While Jon feels that pre-release PR is very important because this is what puts a film on the media map, he and Brian also suggest that filmmakers consider putting more into the post-release life of their films.

This rings true with us. A lot of people have given us the old line "You only get one release, that is your biggest chance for sales, don't take it lightly". The "release" is just a date. It is (in the case of Self Helpless, and lots of other micro-budget films) nothing more than the first day you can buy or download our movie. This idea of the release date as some sacred and pivotal moment seems to be a hold over from the old distributor-based distribution days. So what are some concrete actions that filmmakers can take to continue to grow their audience after they release their film?

The main idea that we have for post-release PR for Self Helpless is a demand based tour. A lot of filmmakers seem to be touring their movie in order to build an audience before their release. This didn't appeal to us. With no press, or stars, or giant youtube following, we found that it was incredibly difficult to manufacture an audience once we got away from our home zone. We still think that a screening tour would be a great way to build audiences and get a shit-ton of tail. We are going to use "demand it" to set up a post-release tour. If we can build an audience with our torrent release, then hopefully those folks will want to see Self Helpless in a theater and meet the assholes who made it.

What are some other ways that filmmakers can continue to build their audience after releasing their film? Are there things that we can do that don't cost a ton of money? Everyone would like to release an app and an online game and a graphic novel, but that just aint in the cards for us. We would love anyone's suggestions.

If you are interested in connecting with some folks who are pondering answers to similar indy distribution question, try searching #infdist on twitter.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where We Been At

Since we momentarily disappeared from the interwebs, I thought I owed it to y'all to give a quick update on where we are at with Self Helpless. Over the holidays all four of us have been keeping it very "indie filmmaker" status. Adam, PK, and myself are living with our parents and working at bars and restaurants in our home towns. Pluses: no rent means we can work on the credit card bills from producing Self Helpless Minuses: there are no girls in Perkinsville, VT, and living with your dad is the definition of lame. Drick (much like his character "The Drake") is a pothead blue collar worker sponging off his successful girlfriend. Life imitates art. Embracing the lameness is allowing us to (just barely) keep our heads above water, and fund all the release expenses.

Things are moving along with the release. We are making a final, more streamlined cut of the movie based on the feedback we got during our mini theatrical tour. We should be finishing that final cut, as well as all of the DVD extras and mastering by the end of January. That will allow us to send a disc out for replication a the beginning of February. That process, in my experience, usually takes a few weeks from start to finish. That should set us up to release the torrent version of the film in early March, and the retail version one week later.

While we are working on preparing all of the media for our release, we are simultaneously working on the PR side of things. I would love to get screeners out to a few people in the upcoming release. A little bit of indie press could go a long way towards getting folks to check out SH when it is released.

Now that the holidays are over we will be back in touch, and hustling to get Self Helpless released as soon as possible.