Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ninja Video Is The SHIIIIT

If you haven't already gotten down with NinjaVideo, you better get on your shit because it's one of the dopest video sites on the interweb. They have a wide selection of the highest quality streamed tv and movies, sweet daily line-ups, a huge-ass forum, and extra secret awesome benefits for contributing members. NinjaVideo is a fucking Mecca.

Ninja's been on our list of must-visit sites for a while now, so we sent Self Helpless their way to tell them about our free distribution movement. When we woke up this morning we saw that they had posted our flick on the main site. Fuck yeah! NV is all about supporting quality shit, and we are pumped to be featured front and center. Check out their site, you are pretty much guaranteed to find something that you didn't know was out there.

Much thanks for the support!