Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where We Been At

Since we momentarily disappeared from the interwebs, I thought I owed it to y'all to give a quick update on where we are at with Self Helpless. Over the holidays all four of us have been keeping it very "indie filmmaker" status. Adam, PK, and myself are living with our parents and working at bars and restaurants in our home towns. Pluses: no rent means we can work on the credit card bills from producing Self Helpless Minuses: there are no girls in Perkinsville, VT, and living with your dad is the definition of lame. Drick (much like his character "The Drake") is a pothead blue collar worker sponging off his successful girlfriend. Life imitates art. Embracing the lameness is allowing us to (just barely) keep our heads above water, and fund all the release expenses.

Things are moving along with the release. We are making a final, more streamlined cut of the movie based on the feedback we got during our mini theatrical tour. We should be finishing that final cut, as well as all of the DVD extras and mastering by the end of January. That will allow us to send a disc out for replication a the beginning of February. That process, in my experience, usually takes a few weeks from start to finish. That should set us up to release the torrent version of the film in early March, and the retail version one week later.

While we are working on preparing all of the media for our release, we are simultaneously working on the PR side of things. I would love to get screeners out to a few people in the upcoming release. A little bit of indie press could go a long way towards getting folks to check out SH when it is released.

Now that the holidays are over we will be back in touch, and hustling to get Self Helpless released as soon as possible.