Saturday, October 31, 2009

UVM On-Campus Premiere

Big thanks to everyone who came out on a rainy Wednesday night during midterms week to support Self Helpless. Despite competing with game 1 of the World Series, we still got 50 or so comedy fans to come and kick it with us. Everyone laughed a ton. We hung out afterwords and rapped with the audience. We met Hani, an Egyptian filmmaker living and studying in VT. He was down with our "up by the bootstrap" filmmaking style. It is always cool to meet people who really get it. It is equally cool to just entertain people. I got to meet a couple of students who just came because they had seen the trailer online and they were psyched. It was a really cool screening overall. There was a lot less commotion than at the world premiere, so we got to really connect with some audience members. Thanks to everyone who came out, we appreciate the support. Catch up with us on Facebook soon.

QIFF in 13 days, more to come soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Boston Premiere

Self Helpless is coming to Beantown. We will be screening on Thursday, November 19th at the Brattle Theater. The Brattle a classic indie theater located in Harvard Square, Cambridge. The folks at the theater were down with what we are doing, and the scheduled us on the perfect night. We hope to see our whole Boston crew in full effect. The theater has around 250 seats, so if we are going to repeat our Burlington performance everyone is going to have to bring a few friends. Details on the after party will be coming soon, but we promise to have a few bottles of happy juice to pass around at the theater. See you there!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Screening Scheduled at UVM

Thanks to the good shredders at the UVM Snowboard Team, Self Helpless will be screening at UVM next week. We will be in Billings Lecture Hall (aka CC Theater) on Wednesday, 10/28 at 7:30 pm. The movie will run until around 9 and we will do Q&A for a bit afterwords. After party has yet to be scheduled, but I am sure someone will let us buy them a keg. See you there!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

World Premiere

Holy shit, the world premiere was unbelievable. People came out of the woodwork for us. We nearly sold out a 180 seat theater at the Roxy in Burlington. Everyone laughed their asses off. We knew the movie was funny, but we didn't expect for everyone to laugh the ENTIRE TIME. The Q&A session was a lot of fun, and the audience seemed to enjoy it. We got some cool questions, and I think we had a few funny answers. A ton of people wanted to know when and where they could buy a copy, which is a good sign. We are working on getting the retail store up on the website within the month, stay tuned. The after party was a blast. Despite the fact that a lot of people had to work the next day, we still got a good crew over to lift where I put far too many tequila shots on the old credit card. That would probably explain why PK was shirtless, on top of a table at Mr. Mike's screaming "USA, 1, 2, 3, 4, USA" in a thick Brittish accent at 3 in the morning. Props to everyone who came out and showed support. We will be scheduling new screenings soon, keep an eye on the website. It was the perfect premiere, now we need to really get to work!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Premiere Flier

SH on Seven Days Blog

Seven Days is a Burlington Vermont newspaper that covers all sorts of cool art and music stories from B-town. They just threw this blog up about Self Helpless:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What the Fuck is this Tour Thing?

Now that Self Helpless is done and ready to premiere, people have been wondering what the hell we're doing next. The usual answer is: "we're going on tour." This seems to be a rather mystifying response, so here is a breakdown of this whole “tour” idea.

Essentially, we plan to tour like indie rock bands tour. From city to city, gig to gig, we'll self promote and screen our movie. In our case though, instead of ratty-ass music clubs and dirty hipsters' basements, we'll be going to art-house theaters, college campuses and film festivals. We plan to start off screening Self Helpless in cities where we have a base of support from our friends and family, and connections with schools and the local media. Places like Burlington, Vt, Boston, Hartford, Ct and NYC are going to be key for building buzz. In each of these locations we have a solid grasp on how and where to schedule and promote screenings.

We will screen Self Helpless at several different venues in each city. The multiple venue aspect of this plan is important because it keeps costs down (more screenings per mile driven), and it gives us a chance to build some buzz with different types of audiences. The crowd that will attend a screening at an indie theater is very different from the audience at a packed college auditorium, and we love everybody!

Even if audiences go wild for the movie, we'll still have our work cut out for us. We know that this tour looks good on paper, the financial numbers really do work, but we will have to make it work on the ground. As with everything involved in the making of Self Helpless, the success of the tour will hinge upon our will to make it work. It's been a constant hustle thus far, and this phase won't be any different. As always, we look forward to the challenge, especially this one.