Tuesday, October 20, 2009

World Premiere

Holy shit, the world premiere was unbelievable. People came out of the woodwork for us. We nearly sold out a 180 seat theater at the Roxy in Burlington. Everyone laughed their asses off. We knew the movie was funny, but we didn't expect for everyone to laugh the ENTIRE TIME. The Q&A session was a lot of fun, and the audience seemed to enjoy it. We got some cool questions, and I think we had a few funny answers. A ton of people wanted to know when and where they could buy a copy, which is a good sign. We are working on getting the retail store up on the website within the month, stay tuned. The after party was a blast. Despite the fact that a lot of people had to work the next day, we still got a good crew over to lift where I put far too many tequila shots on the old credit card. That would probably explain why PK was shirtless, on top of a table at Mr. Mike's screaming "USA, 1, 2, 3, 4, USA" in a thick Brittish accent at 3 in the morning. Props to everyone who came out and showed support. We will be scheduling new screenings soon, keep an eye on the website. It was the perfect premiere, now we need to really get to work!