Saturday, October 31, 2009

UVM On-Campus Premiere

Big thanks to everyone who came out on a rainy Wednesday night during midterms week to support Self Helpless. Despite competing with game 1 of the World Series, we still got 50 or so comedy fans to come and kick it with us. Everyone laughed a ton. We hung out afterwords and rapped with the audience. We met Hani, an Egyptian filmmaker living and studying in VT. He was down with our "up by the bootstrap" filmmaking style. It is always cool to meet people who really get it. It is equally cool to just entertain people. I got to meet a couple of students who just came because they had seen the trailer online and they were psyched. It was a really cool screening overall. There was a lot less commotion than at the world premiere, so we got to really connect with some audience members. Thanks to everyone who came out, we appreciate the support. Catch up with us on Facebook soon.

QIFF in 13 days, more to come soon.