Monday, November 2, 2009

Queens Film Festival Screening

The announcement finally came down today. We will be screening on Sunday, November 15th, at 10 am in the Frank Sinatra Center for the Arts. I know what you are thinking: a movie at 10 am on a Sunday? Are you trying to keep people from coming? Obviously it wouldn't have been our first choice to schedule our NYC premiere right in the middle of everyone's hangover. That is just what happens when you are the new guy on the block. Until someone has deigned to review your movie, or you have been mentioned on a really cool movie blog, or you have made so much fucking money on your own that people have to pay attention to you, no one gives a shit.

That said, we are actually really excited for QIFF. We are screening on a weekend (way better than 10 am on a Friday) in the Frank Sinatra Center (a badass venue, especially for big fans of old blue eyes). QIFF is a festival that focuses on fringe movies like ours. They love young filmmakers, specifically first timers. And, of course, it is in NYC. This automatically drapes the whole thing in cool.

Since this may very well be our one and only film festival appearance (unless someone at Sundance takes acid and drops our DVD in the "make them instant superstars" box) we are going to live it up. We will be at every party, screening, and free breakfast. We will wear suits as often as possible. We will wallpaper the place with posters, and assault people with business cards. I hope some of our faithful NY fans will struggle out to show some support on Sunday morning, although I know what Simon, Felix, John Candy and The Drake would do.