Monday, November 23, 2009

Boston - The Greatest Night of Our Lives

It is difficult to put into words exactly how awesome our Boston premiere was. First, the Brattle Theater could not possibly kick more ass. It is a classic one-screen cinema house. The screen is on a stage in front of a 235 seat theater with a balcony. The crowd was better than our wildest dreams. 200+ people came out of the woodwork to support Self Helpless! The theater ran out of beer within ten minutes, resulting in various trips to the liquor store. My rough count was 5 thirty racks, 4 bottles of wine, and 2 bottles of whiskey that were smuggled in to the theater. The crowd was unbelievably live, everyone laughed pretty much the entire time. That NEVER happens at movies. Apparently Self Helpless is really funny when you are completely gunned, who knew?

After the screening we did a solid Q&A (best question: "Are any of you currently carrying firearms?", so disappointed that I had to answer no), and headed over to Tommy Doyle's for the after party. I have to admit, after 15 months of busting our asses and living like broke hermits, it was pretty great to kick back and celebrate. We got to play rock stars for the evening. Everyone was so pumped on the movie that we couldn't walk across the bar without getting pounced on by roving groups of wide-eyed beautiful women. For someone who has been living in the woods shoveling shit and editing video for a year, this was an overwhelming experience. We proceeded to do exactly what our characters from Self Helpless would have done in that situation.

It was a once in a lifetime night. Celebrating with our friends and having them be proud of us and proud of Self Helpless was more than we could have ever asked for. The hot babes showing up were a nice plus too. Thank you to everyone for coming out and showing love. You made us remember how much fun it is to make people laugh.