Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Self Helpless on VEEHD.COM

I want to send a big shout out to the folks at VEEHD.COM. They posted Self Helpless front and center on their site. VEEHD is tight. They have over 100,000 dedicated members. They are very professional, and they love to support good independent producers. I am surprised that there isn't more talk about sites like VEEHD and NinjaVideo in the indie film circles. Streaming sites like these have dedicated audiences of folks who really like movies. We have gotten a ton of emails from people who saw Self Helpless on VEEHD and loved it. Check out some of the cool stuff they have on their site, and feel free to pass it on.

Thanks VEEHD!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adios 4/20 Release

So, we sort of semi-pseudo leaked that we might be releasing the movie on 4/20. As much as we wanted to have something fresh to pass around on the day of passing freshness around, our supplier ran dry. Fear not! We are working hard to get some good, potent product together. We will roll something up and pass it your way very soon. And as always, the first hit will be free.

Until then, you can check out Self Helpless on Ninjavideo and Mininova. Both sites kick ass, and have shown us a ton of support.

More soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ninja Video Is The SHIIIIT

If you haven't already gotten down with NinjaVideo, you better get on your shit because it's one of the dopest video sites on the interweb. They have a wide selection of the highest quality streamed tv and movies, sweet daily line-ups, a huge-ass forum, and extra secret awesome benefits for contributing members. NinjaVideo is a fucking Mecca.

Ninja's been on our list of must-visit sites for a while now, so we sent Self Helpless their way to tell them about our free distribution movement. When we woke up this morning we saw that they had posted our flick on the main site. Fuck yeah! NV is all about supporting quality shit, and we are pumped to be featured front and center. Check out their site, you are pretty much guaranteed to find something that you didn't know was out there.

Much thanks for the support!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Self Helpless is Available On Bittorrent [updated links]

Mininova: the ultimate BitTorrent source

[Administrators - if you would be willing to feature the Self Helpless torrent or set it up for free leach, we would be very grateful. Hit us with an email at and we will happily promote your site. Thank you.]

Self Helpless is officially available on bittorrent. First things first, here is where you can find the torrent:

(the seed on mininova is the strongest right now)

You can get the torrent-version directly from If you download it, please seed:

We are doing our best to keep the torrent seeded. Please feel free to upload it to your favorite tracker or private site. Seed, comment, and pass it on. Enjoy!

We want as many people as possible to download the movie. Get it, smoke a joint, do a couple shots of tequila, and watch it with your friends. If you laugh, please tell someone else about it, blast it off on facebook, and join our email list. Our official store will be online in the next day or two. We will update the blog once it is up.

We are not asking for donations. There are much more important causes that you should donate to. We have worked hard our whole lives and we just don't feel right about begging for money. If you don't have enough cash to buy something from our store, we understand. We are right there with you. Just tell a friend about Self Helpless and sign up for our email list so you can come see us when we bring live comedy to your town.

To all the evil pirates out there we would like to say, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to download and watch our film. We hope it made you laugh. Thank you for giving up some space in your ratio, and for seeding the film for everyone else.