Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Official Bit Torrent Release: Friday 4/16

We are proud to announce that Self Helpless will be released for free on bittorrent on Friday, April 16th 2010. The film will be available as a free and legal download exclusively on bittorrent for 4 days. After this 4 day bittorrent-only release we will not make any effort to remove the film. It is yours, enjoy. We had planned to release Self Helpless for a 7 day bittorrent-only run, but we ran into some technical issues over the last few days. The DVD release will begin on 4/20.

The name of the torrent file is Self Helpless_(2010)_xvid_avi.avi - it should be available on a number of public trackers. Please feel free to upload Self Helpless to any trackers or private sites. We will also be uploading an MOV version, as well as several larger full HD versions for the real cinephiles.

We want as many people as possible to download Self Helpless. We will update the blog and twitter with a list of sites that have the torrent.

If you are new to the whole Self Helpless bittorrent movement, here are two blog posts that will bring you up to speed.

This is the future of content distribution. Downloaders are not opposed to artists profiting from their craft, they just want a chance to check stuff out before buying. You get to test drive a car. You try on clothes before you buy them. You can even mess with your iPod for 30 days and then bring it back to Best Buy. Why, then, does hollywood insist that people spend their hard earned money before ever getting a chance to see if they like a movie? We see downloading as capitalism at its best.

Our model is simple. We have made a great, unique, hilarious film. Self Helpless appeals directly to people in our age group who enjoy clever, low brow, character driven comedies. So we want people to see the damned movie. If they decide that they like Self Helpless, then they can buy an extended Director's Cut DVD or a dope-ass original t-shirt. This works for us because our movie is solid. This scares Hollywood because studios make big money by scamming people into paying to see the same formulaic, cliche movies. No one is going to buy a t-shirt for "Wanted" because it was a piece of dog-shit.

If you make quality content that people can identify with and get behind, then they will support it. Bittorrent is the greatest thing to happen to filmmakers, and they are missing the boat.

We are not accepting donations. We are healthy, intelligent young men, and there are far better causes to which you could donate. If you do want to support the film we have a bunch of original movie merchandise for sale at all different price levels. If you are as short on cash as we are, then just join our email list. That way you will be able to come see us when we bring our particular brand of screening / live comedy / giant tequila-soaked party to your town.

Big studios are spending millions trying to combat, sue, and lock up downloaders. They should be spending that money making innovative movies. Fuck that. We ride with the downloaders. You are our people. We made Self Helpless for you.